Atonement Lutheran Church 
 "We are called by God to serve and witness to all in response to God's grace."

Welcome to Atonement!


We heartily invite you to join the good company of people growing in faith in Jesus Christ. We are a joyful congregation of all ages who are thankful for God's generous blessings and so offer our Christian friendship and service to one another. You would be a very welcome addition to our growing church.

Atonement Lutheran Church was founded in 1905 by pioneering Lutherans who began one of the first English speaking Lutheran congregations in Wisconsin. Located in the historic Beloit College neighborhood, Atonement maintains a beautiful, high-ceiling sanctuary of European architecture with a traditional chancel and pipe organ. A courtyard leads the way to the modern addition of offices, classrooms and lounge. Every family can find "tradition for today" at Atonement.


Latest News from Our Congregation
Pastor Nancy Raabe has joined us as a contract pastor.
Pastor Nancy's latest sermon can be read here.